July 2008

Recently I had a sojourn in a little town near King Valley, Victoria. Gorgeous green fields surrounded by snow capped mountains – barely a house in site. Pure silence but for the distant and occasional plane flying high overhead.

King Valley is a wine region known for Italian and some Spanish wines. Christmont wines has some terrific Italian wines including Marzemino – the grapes are originally from northern Italy and Sangiovese. http://www.chrismont.com.au/index.html

Brown Brothers in nearby Milawa is worth visiting for a variety of wines to taste. They are one of Australia’s oldest wineries and the current generation of the Brown family have created the fun but definitely worthwhile tasting “Kid You Not” label of two wines – a Tempranillo blend and Vioginier blend. http://www.kidyounot.com.au/


My favourite designer at Marimekko was Annika Rimala. She started as their children’s clothing designer and then became their chief designer from 1960-1982. I really like the Linjavitta dress (1967) – it has a gorgeous simplicity and asymmetric design that makes it timeless. She is famous for the Tasaraita deisgn otherwise known as the stripey jersey. http://www.marimekko.fi/eng/clothes/classics/tasaraita