November 2008


“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw. German plates from Design For Use:


What a gorgeous, easy and fresh summer ensemble, courtesy of The Sartorialist.



Cab Calloway couldn’t have expressed more joyfully how good you feel when you’ve got “Happy Feet”. My husband is mad about stripes and admittedly, I’m quite partial to the classic French stripey t-shirt. I’m loving the range of stripeys from Swedish sock merchants, Happy Socks.


As a child I always wanted a bicycle but my dad said the road we lived on was too busy and too dangerous.  I now live on a quiet road and it’s time to buy my first bicycle.
I’ve found a bicycle with great classic design that I could put a toddler seat on the back and cruise to the library or local cafe with my daughter. It’s an American Electra “Amsterdam”


If you’re like me and use time in the shower to think and dream, I can’t imagine a better scene to view whilst doing this than the streets of Paris. This cool vinyl shower curtain is from Izola, who have combined their passion for photography and art into the everyday.


Australian artist and fabric designer, Florence Broadhurst, was mysteriously murdered in the late 1970s but her work continues to be uncovered and displayed to sublime effect. Sydney fabric designers and manufacturers, Signature Prints, have been bringing to life her highly distinctive, flamboyant patterns in cushions, clutch bags, limited edition art and stationery. I covet this Ikeda luggage bag which would fit the contents of your handbag as well as a laptop.


The stores are already displaying Christmas decorations and trying to entice us with the latest offerings. At the store in the National Gallery of Victora, Australia, I spied this beautiful wooden string spool set from the Korean O-check Design Graphics group. I love the compactness, the roughness of the string and the smart scissors to trim your snugly tied package.

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