“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” George Bernard Shaw. German plates from Design For Use:



As a child I always wanted a bicycle but my dad said the road we lived on was too busy and too dangerous.  I now live on a quiet road and it’s time to buy my first bicycle.
I’ve found a bicycle with great classic design that I could put a toddler seat on the back and cruise to the library or local cafe with my daughter. It’s an American Electra “Amsterdam”


If you’re like me and use time in the shower to think and dream, I can’t imagine a better scene to view whilst doing this than the streets of Paris. This cool vinyl shower curtain is from Izola, who have combined their passion for photography and art into the everyday.

Although I’m a hardened Blackberry/laptop user, I’ve been hankering for the days of old when I used a typewriter. One of my favourites was the IBM “golf ball” or the Selectric Released in the 1960s and still used in my school in the 1980s, it was a clunky electric typewriter with a dome-like font ball that spun around when you hit the typewriter keys. It was my first real introduction to fonts as you could interchange the “golf ball” mid-document and use a different font.

From a design perspective, I covet the 1960s red Olivetti Valentine typewriter. Not only for its sleek design with handy carry case but when you typed on it you had to practically smack the letters to get the keys to lift up and tap the paper – you really felt like you were typing.