I don’t know how many people still enjoy handwriting but I’m firmly an advocate of it. Although my handwriting has gotten messier and larger – I’m notorious for not being able to fit between the lines – I’ve now transitioned from trying to find the perfect pen to using a HB pencil.  

I attended a course recently and I wondered if the other tech-savy delegates may find my useage of a pencil old fashioned. Funnily enough, the person who sat next to me pulled out a gorgeous shiny black pencil. He did ask to borrow my sharpener.  

Any favourite pencils?



What a gorgeous, easy and fresh summer ensemble, courtesy of The Sartorialist.


My daughter recently pulled out a fashion magazine I had in storage: L’Officiel, September 1958. I marvelled at the gorgeous fabrics and designs and laughed at the kooky poses of the models. I recalled that earlier in the week I’d seen a photo from the Louis Vuitton Fall-Winter 2008/09 collection which was so reminiscent of the styles in this issue.;jsessionid=PXGTBHZNYUWB4CRBXUXFAHYKEG4RAUPU?buy=1&langue=en_GB&direct1=home_entry_gb

Plastisock is a Swedish designer of toddler gear. They’ve created non-gender specific prints with great colour combinations including white circus animals on a purple background with green trim, and blue and turquoise fish prints. I really like this green & orange peace symbol bodysuit. Worth visiting at Nordic Kids:

I recently visited Hong Kong and did my ritual visit to GOD (Goods of Desire) and Muji. GOD is a quirky cross between Ikea, Top Shop mixed in with retro Shanghainese style. There is always something to surprise you.

At Muji, the budget Japanese homewares and fashion store, they have a clothing range called Labo: clean lines, basic styles, muted colours – more expensive than their standard fare but definitely worth checking out.

My favourite designer at Marimekko was Annika Rimala. She started as their children’s clothing designer and then became their chief designer from 1960-1982. I really like the Linjavitta dress (1967) – it has a gorgeous simplicity and asymmetric design that makes it timeless. She is famous for the Tasaraita deisgn otherwise known as the stripey jersey.